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Businessmen, traders, actors, politicians or achievers, Webmag is always there for them. We specialise in business profiles, achievements, success stories and more.

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Startups need a platform to showcase their innovative ideas and promote themselves to others, featuring a startup every week on Pune365 and it one of the most popularly read stories on it.

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A complete content package required by your business, organisation and its people. Webmag’s expert group of writers will ensure quality copy and in-depth writing.

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Food for thought and add health to your wealth. If you need to focus on health issues or are in the health business, Webmag can help you to promote it in different ways.

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Culture and Art

Creativity and imagination are the essence of all art. We capture he multi-faceted imagination of the human mind and bring it to life through our publications.

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Sports is not just a pastime for us as we are serious about it. We have focused on some of the leading sportspersons from Pune and highlighted their achievements.

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Child Art

Talent must be tapped at a young age and nurtured so that grows into an asset. Children are very close to our hearts and we take every opportunity to showcase their special talents and encourage them to go ahead with it.

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A sumptuous spread which tickles the taste buds and transport you into seventh heaven. Food has been always our specialty and we focus on the entire gamut of gastronomic delights to give you satisfaction.

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Amanda Seyfried
Founder & CEO, Arcade Systems

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